Shishi Odoshi (Deer Chaser Fountain)

Shishi OdoshiIf you are thinking of setting-up a fountain or any similar contraption into your backyard or botanical garden, the Shishi-odoshi fountain might be the one for you. shishi-odoshi is a Japanese term that literally translates into “scare the deer.” Technically speaking, this contraption was made and designed to drive birds and beasts away from agricultural lands and their produce. Ancient and modern Japanese farmers use this device along with several others to scare away animals that can one way or the other harms their plants. Aside from shishi-odoshi, there is also the kakashi or the scarecrow, naruko or clappers, and sozu which is very similar to shishi-odoshi. However, what makes shishi-odoshi more popular amongst many people, countries, and places, is its unique mechanism and striking design. Therefore, it is not surprising how this device as conquered the hearts of modern-day homeowners in our nation today.

Shishi-odoshi as well as sozu is a Japanese garden fountain that comprises a segmented bamboo tube that is pivoted on its center-of-gravity point. Since the bamboo is heavy, it tends to rest against a rock on its base. The top or the other end of the bamboo is opened for the trickle of water that usually comes from a certain water source. Once the water has accumulated, the opened top becomes heavier causing the bamboo tube to bend or rotate so it can dump its water to a basin. Upon becoming empty, the base becomes the heavier end again thus the tube falls right back against the rock making a very sharp sound that scares away animals and insects all the same.

Unlike the main reason why ancient Japanese farmers used this type of contraption into their lands, modern-day homeowners primarily invest on shishi-odoshi for additional beautification of their private garden or green backyard. The said fountain adds class and attitude into this small of a space making it more unique and relaxing all the same. The design and form of the fountain make a very interesting highlight to one’s backyard. Homeowners and visitors can delight their eyes over this beauty while maintaining that it actually gives a relaxing ambience to the garden space.

Finally, as opposed to typical garden decor, shishi-odoshi is a device like no other. The sound of water trickling against the bamboo tube sets a ravishing and relaxing mood into the area. Now, homeowners can delight over and enjoy relaxing moments in their gardens and backyards because of the sound it makes. Tea-parties and outdoor siestas can become very enticing and soothing all thanks to this contraption.

Turn your bland backyard and plain garden into a beautiful setting for Japanese-like relaxation; set up a shishi-odoshi into your green garden to enhance not only its beauty but its soothing ambience all the same. Right before you notice it, you are actually spending more and more time into your garden or outdoor space than your own living room, all thanks to the beautiful and compelling ancient Japanese scare-away contraption that is shishi-odoshi.

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